Rap veteran Jay Electronica is out here with the co-signs. The hip-hop veteran has shared a major salute to G.O.O.D Music’s Big Sean.

Big Facts: This week, Jay Elect made a rare Twitter appearance to call Sean Don one of the rap game’s goats.

On A Related Note: Hours prior, Sean went to Instagram to reflect on the past year and promised big things to come in 2020.

bigsean Thank u for a decade that changed my life. Through the the ups n downs I managed to do the impossible where I’m from n became one of the top selling hip hop artists of the decade, 52 million records sold n counting, ain’t even dropped no project in the last couple years. Like I said on my 1st album “never made da crowds fans, I made them all fam”. N I apologize for the distance n lack of communication but life is life. 2020 we back goin hard tho, fuck all dat otha shit 💪🏾

Wait, There’s More: In an October 2019 interview, the 33-year-old explained how much unhappiness he felt after getting a dream house in California.

“When I turned 30 and I moved to Slash’s old house in Beverly Hills. It’s like a dream house, a dream neighborhood. And I was the most unhappy I’ve ever been in my life, and that really don’t make sense because these are some of the things that I always wanted. That’s when I realized that all these things that are conditional can’t really give me the unconditional love that I was in dire need of. That you come to a point in life where you realize that the car, the house, whatever it is that you thought you wanted, was just a temporary fix. And what I really was looking for was the fulfillment that only following your heart and being passionate can give you. I took some time to work on myself and I was able to have a good therapist, good mentors… I truthfully feel like it’ll really shine through on the full album.” (EW)

Before You Go: In summer 2019, Sean shared a gym pic and credited a huge “Bezerk” co-sign from The Rock for inspiring his workout goals.