Roc Nation’s Jay Electronica kept his word this week, after promising to release some new music a few days ago, in the form of a joint record with rap duo Mobb Deep titled “Call of Duty”.

The track officially premiered online Monday (October 10) evening.

Two days ago Jay Elect pledged the universe a new track, and the universe immediately said, “Sure, whatever Jay,” and settled in to wait for him to drop the track around the New Year. But lo and behold, the stars have aligned, rap’s resident sphinx has awoken, and I have a new song from the artist “Jay Electronica” on my hard drive. This is certainly a good day. “Call of Duty” features an interesting, marching beat comprised of echoing claps, washed out vocal loops, and rattling snares that never really drops, but still has a very distinct Electronica flair. Lyrically, Jay is on point, spitting the kinds of quasi-mystical, syllable-entangling lyrics that he’s made his name for. Is this cut the next “Exhibit C?” Definitely not. But as the wait for Act II grows longer by the minute, any Jay to tide us over is good Jay. (Daily Princetonian)

Prior to the track’s release, Jay Elect revealed his latest single’s cover art this week.

We got the artwork drop of Jay Elect’s latest track yesterday that sparked some major mention in rotation, considering that we haven’t received anything from the guy outside of collaborations with The Bullitts, and after a short wait, we’ve got the new sounds for his track “Call of Duty: MW3” that features some donations from Mobb Deep. (Ology)

Jay Elect’s Roc Nation boss, Jay-Z, recently talked about his label’s reluctance to rush album releases.

J. Cole is pretty close, he’s coming out in September,” Jay told Angie Martinez on August 1st. “He’s got a great album. Jay Electronica is working on a great album as well. He’s pretty close. Bridget Kelly just released — her debut song, ‘Thinking About Forever’ — For me, if you’re gonna come sign to Roc Nation, just realize it’s going to take a second. I’m into artists. I’m not really into putting a single out. It takes a minute to build artists. It’s just true. You can’t come off the street and make a classic. Rarely does that happen. Lauryn Hill was in the business for 700 years before she put out the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. She had to go through some things. You have to go through some things.” (Hot 97)

Following his signing last November, Jay spoke on what attracted him the most about Jay Elect.

“It’s obvious that he really genuinely loves it and is a student of rap and the game,” Jay-Z admitted in an interview. “You can’t write those sort of songs or come to that sort of conclusion without having a deep love for what you’re doing and a deep understanding and a deep drive.” (MTV)

Check out “Call of Duty” below: