[After blowing up from appearing in pop stud Justin Bieber’s “Baby” music video, Interscope Records’ Jasmine Villegas tells SOHH about her transformation from cameo cutie to rising music star.]

It was crazy. Being in the Justin Bieber “Baby” music video, I didn’t know it was going to be such a big video at the time. But then after awhile, I changed my style, my way of singing, I changed my hair and I really tried to find myself.

Now I’m with Interscope and it’s kind of hard to believe. Thinking back then when I first started I would have never thought this would ever pan out the way it did.

The inspiration really came from me not being happy with where I was. My brother always told me if you’re not happy with where you’re at then it’s time to move and really revamp yourself. After awhile, I didn’t like the way I was dressing. I didn’t like the way I looked. So I thought, “If anybody has to change it’s got to be me.”

I just went for it and I really took a good year of being able to observe everything around me and so that way I could incorporate into me.