Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx is officially getting closer to making his superhero debut on the big screen. A new pic is going viral of the Academy Award winner draped as demonic good guy Spawn.

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane hit up Instagram Sunday with the must-see movie shot.

In May 2018, reports emerged about Foxx getting nabbed to reboot the Spawn movie franchise.

His eponymous film debut was widely ridiculed upon its release in 1997. However, last year it was announced that the wild-caped evil-slayer is getting another film adaptation, this time via Blumhouse, and now he has some significant star power behind the mask. Deadline has revealed that, in the long-gestating Spawn reboot film (written and directed by McFarlane, himself), Jamie Foxx will play the title character. (Vulture)

Despite the good guy perception, Spawn comes with a gruesome backstory and theme.

Spawn’s backstory: Someone betrayed black ops agent Al Simmons, killed him, and he went to hell. Once there he bargained with a demon who let him return to earth, but there was a catch; he was grossly disfigured (not unlike Deadpool) and had hell-born superpowers. Spawn then found himself enmeshed in the non-stop battle between the forces of heaven and hell. (Maxim)

The franchise’s history goes back to the early 90’s with comic books, toys and a movie.

One of the launch titles for Image Comics, the 1992 first issue of Spawn sold 1.7 million copies. Originally written and drawn by Todd McFarlane (a number of writers and artists would later take over the title, including issues penned by Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison), the series was one of the most popular and arguably definitive series of the 1990s. At the height of its popularity, it spawned (no pun intended) toy lines, video games and an animated series on HBO, in addition to a 1997 New Line movie that starred Michael Jai White. (The Hollywood Reporter)