R&B singers Jamie Foxx, Keyshia Cole and Keri Hilson are all set to invade the sales chart next week with projections averaging to at least 100,000 copies or more sold.

Based on one-day estimates, all three soulful singers’ debuts will earn a place within the Top 10.

With the last few days before Santa slides down your chimney still to go, Taylor Swift‘s Big Machine blockbuster Speak Now appears to have the best shot to repeat at #1 on next week’s chart. The week’s key debuts include J/RMG’s Jamie Foxx and Geffen’s Keyshia Cole, both in the 120-130k range, followed by Interscope’s Keri Hilson with a target of 90-100k. The market was up 23% vs. last week, down 17% vs. same week last year and still down 13% year to date. (Hits Daily Double)

All three artists’ previous albums managed to initially enter within the Top 5.

Foxx’s last release, 2008’s “Intuition,” started at No. 3 with 265,000, while Cole’s previous offering, “A Different Me,” bowed the same week as “Intuition” at No. 2 with 322,000. (Beating both acts that week was the non-moving “Fearless” by Taylor Swift, which was in its third non-consecutive week atop the list, selling 330,000.) Hilson’s last album was her debut set, “In a Perfect World,” which entered at No. 4 in April of 2009 with 94,000. (Billboard)

In a recent interview, Cole discussed her new album, entitled, Calling All Hearts, and its emphasis on love.

“I recorded half the album before I met my fiancé, and so I was not really that optimistic about finding true love,” Cole said about meeting Cleveland Cavalier Daniel Gibson. “And then after we met, I finished the record, which created a whole ‘nother outlook on life,” she laughed. “So that’s why I named it Calling All Hearts… because I feel like it was both sides: heartbreak and the happiness of the heart.” (MTV)

Recently, Foxx credited his 16-year-old daughter for molding his music career.

“When I first started I was doing this little slow music, you know, just R&B … and my daughter walked in and said, ‘What you doing?’ I said, ‘I’m working on the album.’ She said, ‘I hope you don’t put that on there because you going to put everybody to sleep,'” Foxx said. (Associated Press)

Check out some recent Keri Hilson footage down below: