Houston Rockets’ James Harden has confirmed buzz and speculation about him visiting Meek Mill. The NBA superstar has provided some details on what went down between them.

A few hours ago, Harden went to Instagram Live and revealed a potential February release for Meek Milly.

This week, a report emerged about Harden low-key going to visit Meek in Pennsylvania.

Recently, with Meek Mill serving a two–four year jail sentence, it’d been hard for Harden to visit or speak to his old friend. That changed on Dec. 26, when Harden found time to take a trip to Chester, Pa., and see Meek Mill in prison. (Sports Illustrated)

To really show his support, Harden is reportedly wearing a pair of “Free Meek” sneakers during a game tomorrow night when the Rockets take on the Boston Celtics.

A premier pitchman for Adidas, Harden will wear shoes with “Free Meek” covering the entire sneaker in big, yellow letters, according to a source close to Meek Mill. The Crossover obtained a photo of the shoes—which were designed by Los Angeles native Salvador Amezcua—that will garner plenty of attention, as all eyes are usually on Harden, an MVP candidate who leads the NBA in scoring. (Sports Illustrated)

The “Free Meek Mill” sneakers have already gone viral.