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Jaguar Wright Accuses Common Of Sex Assault: “This N***a Trying To Stick His D**k In My Mouth While I’m Sleep”

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

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R&B singer Jaguar Wright is spilling major tea this week. The veteran crooner has come forward to go off on her past friendship with fellow hip-hop artist Common and accuse him of possible sexual assault.

Jaguar Wright Accuses Common

In a new interview, Wright aired out her problems with the Chicago rapper. Jaguar reflected on their past time together during a late night and waking up to Common allegedly trying to abuse her.

“God d*mn Common, next thing I know we go to bed, he’s like ‘Come on Jag,’ I’m like, ‘No, no, no. I’m tired n*gga, I’m going to sleep. I was on the stage all night, I want to lay down. I’m a lay down in the bed. I laid down on the bed with my clothes on, I’m a rape survivor. I know how to buy myself a little time – just in case a n*gga try to get out of hand, you gotta pull my pants down and by the time you pull my pants down, I promise you I’m booking off on your jaw. That’s how I grew up – the next thing I know, I wake up, it’s morning, I feel something poking at my face and sh*t, right and it’s just poking in my face – when I open my mouth, this n*gga trying to stick his d*ck in my mouth while I’m sleep! Lonnie f*cking Lynn!” (“The Neighborhood Talk”)

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You know what 😩😩 Y’all believe her? 👀

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Jaguar Wright accuses Common of sexual assault.

High-Key Details

In the past, Common has dated multiple high-profile entertainers including Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu and tennis star Serena Williams. Coincidentally, Chicago rapper went on a virtual date with actress Tiffany Haddish.

“Tiffany Haddish & Common: Bumble Virtual Date Because we know everyone needs a good love story (and a good laugh) right now, we asked our friends @tiffanyhaddish & @common to take us along on their @bumble virtual date this past weekend 😉 💛 Aren’t we all just looking for this kind of chemistry over Video Chat? Thank you to @tiffanyhaddish and @common for letting us in on virtual date night, for helping us donate food to hospitals in need, and for reminding us a slow jam over Video Chat could be exactly what we need.” -Bumble’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

Outside of Common, Wright recently went to her Instagram page to serve up major smoke aimed at her former group The Roots. In addition to ripping the Roots’ standout duo Black Thought and Questlove for not helping late member during his times of need, she also said both Quest and Thought pushed people away from working with B.

“Y’all all online talking about respect the family and this and that, but you didn’t respect your brother enough to come get him when he was doing bad. Y’all wasn’t trying to help him, y’all was telling people to turn their back on him while calling him a drug addict. … You up on stage because of Malik, he had the foresight to see what hip-hop was doing, not you. And what y’all do, try to stop him from shining  the same way ya’ll told people not to f*ck with me, talking about I have ‘mental issues.’ It’s funny that y’all became the very people you were rapping about and don’t even know it or maybe you do. Telling people not to mess with me because y’all still mad that I went on stage [for the 2001 MTV Unplugged show] after being assigned by you and ripped that muthaf*cka with JAY-Z.” -Jaguar Wright’s Instagram

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Dropping Knowledge & Facts #nuffsaid💯

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Jaguar Wright disses The Roots.

Before You Go

Over the past few days, Jaguar has kept fans updated on the aftermath of her remarks. Wright said she has received threats from Black Thought since calling out The Roots over how they treated Malik B.

“Guess it’s time to repost! As 🌙 turned to day I’ve been warned, threatened, and condemned! So, let me declare this! Only cowards come thru other people! Tariq, stop sending people to try and head me off! If I made it out of Cook County Jail and the murder of my son without being afraid .. what makes you think y’all would scare me now? I was never afraid of any of you! For what? You needed me .. not the other way around! All I need is Jesus Christ! None of you are God’s! Your just men. In the name of Jesus, I claim dominion of my life and the lives of every 👩 you ever hurt… especially Flo Brown! Should’ve stood tall for her then; but I’m doing it now! You can threaten my WCW group all you want! BTW, thanks for downloading the link. You can join the conversations if you’d like. You should listen to all the destruction y’all have perpetrated on 😇 lives! Every time I receive a new threat I’ll unveil another truth! I won’t stop! God charged me with this task .. only HE can stop me! #assalamualaikum #ripmalikb #clones #thelessonpart3 #soendththelesson #gone2soon #hisstory #hiphopofficianado #theprofessor #theoriginalmc #neverneededaghostwriter #thedream #dalladelphia #possibilityhistorians #diguptheroots” -Jaguar Wright’s Instagram

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Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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