[With the recent release of Jadakiss’ Top 5 Dead or Alive album still buzzing, Arkatech’s Mike D talks to SOHH about producing standout track “Realest In The Game.”]

It’s very important to me, personally, to work with Jadakiss. We’ve worked with Big Pun, Nas and a lot of Golden Age artists in hip-hop.

So to add Jadakiss to the discography is just a blessing. It just adds to our legacy and we’re very grateful and appreciative of this opportunity to still do that. There’s so many producers from back in the day or even from New York that have not been able to make way today still.

We’re just blessed that we can still be relevant in today’s music.

As far as his album, it’s incredible. I’ve listened to it from top to bottom. It’s a great piece of work. It’s something for everyone. You got different kinds of records and put together in a great type of way.

It doesn’t feel like it’s out of Jada’s element. It feels good, it goes song to song, so I’m pretty happy with this project.

He’s got the number one hip-hop album in the country. That’s great and it probably would have been a number one album, period, if it wasn’t for Adele and One Direction. That’s a whole other category.

I’m grateful.

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