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Jadakiss’ “T5DOA” Expected To Land In Top 5, Sales Projections Revealed

Written By Biz Jones

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The LOX frontman Jadakiss‘ new Top 5 Dead or Alive album is reportedly expected to land on the sales chart in its opening week with projections up to nearly 60,000 copies.

Based on early estimates, Kiss should have no problem selling at least 48,000 units.

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Last week, Jada talked about his longevity in the rap game and what keeps him relevant.

In a genre filled with perpetual one-upmanship, getting in the upper echelon ain’t easy. Jadakiss’s secret to his 22-year career is surprisingly simple: “You just gotta keep it organic,” he says. “As long as you keep it organic, they’ll accept. They know when you getting outta your element. They can tell.” (Village Voice)

With his new Top 5 Dead or Alive album currently available, Kiss plans on releasing another project in the coming months.

“The fans, the kids, they want more content, so the long [recording] gaps that I usually take won’t work right now. Imma try and give them two albums in one year.” He’s not leaving you nostalgic heads out, either. Jada teases that he’s “going to do some joints together” with former Ruff Ryders labelmate DMX (who was recently released from prison). “It’s only right. That’s family. That’s the dog!” (Village Voice)

Recently, the New York rap veteran stressed the importance of supporting his latest solo release.

A letter from the heart from me to you. Read the rest at http://www.t5doa.com/home

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