The LOX’s Jadakiss and Sheek Louch recently talked about their long in the rap game and gave their own takes on what’s keep them together for over two decades.

In Jada’s opinion, L-O-X has always placed their focus on themselves before business.

“Respect, brotherhood—the family comes first, and everything else falls in place after that. This is just a job, just like your job is to record us right now. You can have differences and disagreements, but you keep them in-house and you get on with the sh*t.” (Complex)

Check out what Sheek Louch said…

Sheek also noted how much their family bond has meant to them staying together for years.

“I love these brothers, God. When I hear both of them on different songs I’m happy for them. You have to be happy for a motherfucker. People aren’t like that these days.” (Complex)

Earlier this year, group member Styles P said L-O-X had reached a point where they were bigger than just entertainers.

“We business men, we gentlemen at the end of the day,” Styles said in an interview. “At the end of the day we businessmen. You come into this game as an artist, as a person who wants to rap, and then through years and developments and ups and downs, and mistakes, you learn your business. We don’t just handle ourselves as artists, we handle ourselves as businessmen, label-owners, CEOs, marketing, we’re each other’s A&Rs.” (Power 105.1)

While he confirmed label offers were still landing on LOX’s laps, the Ghost previously said new music would soon come to the diehard fans no matter the industry’s politics.

“We never broke up as the LOX. We kept our unity as a brotherhood. You don’t hear one of our solo albums without the other two on it. You don’t see one of us anywhere without at least one of us being there, or two of us being there. The lack of our album is due to politics, but we’ll get around the politics, and you will get a body of music — this was like saying, ‘We here, and screw the politics.’ It all kind of worked. Everything is just flowing right.” (Hot 97)