The LOX’s Jadakiss recently took a second away from the recording booth to discuss his deep passion for collecting thousands of sneakers.

According to the raspy-voice rapper, he has at least 2,000 kicks in his possession.

There are sneakerheads … and then there’s rapper Jadakiss … who tells TMZ Sports his Air Jordan collection is INSANE … consisting of more than 2,000 SHOES!!!!! Jadakiss was leaving a Footaction in NYC — when he told us another shocker … he knows other celebs with an even BIGGER Jordan collections than his!! Of course, Jordans have become huge collectors items over the years — with some pairs valued at more than $3,500!!! (TMZ)

Last month, Maybach Music Group’s Wale said sneaker companies should consider investing more money into hip-hop endorsements if they wanted more appeal.

“In 2009, I had the opportunity to design the 2010 Air Max. I don’t know what happened with that. They presented me with the opportunity to but things happen at Nike. I ain’t never complain. I just think the shoe companies need to respect the entertainment business outside of sports. Rick Ross can sell more Reeboks than [Philadelphia 76ers’] Nerlens Noel. Drake can move more Jordans than, you know, I’m not trying to offend anybody on Team Jordan. But it’s just the way that it is now. Not to say their guys can’t sell shoes, obviously no rapper can sell more shoes than LeBron and no rapper can sell more shoes than [Kevin Durant], but you know the entertainment business, we here too.” (Complex TV)

Recently, rap veteran Nas spoke on launching his own sneaker store and seeing fellow hip-hop artists landing shoe deals.

“That’s what we do. That is what we are all about. If those sneakers come out and kill, it just shows how much hip-hop guys love their shoes. Hip-hop guys should be behind the design of sneakers.” (Complex)

In December, rap star 2 Chainz argued rappers could compete with their own sneaker lines against star athletes’ signature collections.

“Yeah, yeah, let me tell you something. Rap is all year round, we’re not seasonal,” Chainz said when asked if hip-hop artists could sell more sneakers than professional athletes. “See, what’s going on is you got football season. And you got basketball season. And you got baseball season. There ain’t no hip-hop season. So we’re able to wear these shoes all year round. We are the rock stars. I do have an effect on pop culture, so at the end of the day, I think we can sell as many shoes as the next man can.” (Sports Nation)

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