Jadakiss recently spoke on Internet gossip and what he has in store for fans with the upcoming group Lox album.

In addition to addressing online rumors, Kiss also revealed the producers he has aimed to work with for Lox’s new project.

“Hard beats, hard lyrics,” Kiss said about the upcoming album. “Light featurings and you know what it is. We hold each other’s weight. [We’re using] whoever we work the best with. [DJ Premier], Dame Grease, Alchemist, Swizz [Beatz], sh*t like that. Pete Rock, Timbaland, Dre, hopefully. Pharrell, definitely…I think [Ruff Ryders Volume 5] is in the works right now…I’m from [Yonkers], that’s the most negative place in the world, so, it can’t get no worse than that. You know what I mean? As long as they talking about you, you’re good even if it becomes true. I ain’t broke, I ain’t gay, I ain’t a crackhead. I ain’t none of this sh*t you think you heard…I’m about the studio, just getting comfortable with the camera, I gotta adjust to this sh*t. It takes time.” (57th Ave)

Jada previously discussed the possibility of the Lox reuniting with Diddy.

“It’s always possible,” Kiss said referring to the label jump. “We’ve learned anything beneficial to L-O-X or anybody in our camp as long as it’s beneficial for us is okay. It’s about knowing what you getting involved in before you get involved. That first contract we signed, we ain’t really know and a lot of people do that. We learned, we found out quicker that most dudes. Whenever I signed a contract ever in life after that first one going to be beneficial for me more than anybody or it won’t have my signature on it….Only thing that separates D-Block or L-O-X is jail or death. No money, people trying to get in your ear trying to divide and conquer, none of that is gonna work.” (Street Heat)

The rapper is also set to begin work on his upcoming solo album.

“I’m definitely going back in,” Kiss explained about preparing his next LP. “The D-Block album is wrapped up, I’ma make sure we finish up this Lox album, I’m coming right back though. I think ten months, after X did that time they switched the rule that you gotta wait. I think you gotta wait ten months [before your next album.] So you know, nine or ten months but I’m coming right. Think I’m gonna call it Top 5 Dead Or Alive and I’m only gonna work with [DJ Premier], Alchemist, Swizz [Beatz], Dame Grease, nah mean?” (MTV)

Jada recently broke down his feelings on the Big Apple’s hip-hop making a comeback.

“New York took a hit when everybody started getting money,” Kiss said in an interview. “Everybody was doing alright in record sales. Everybody had some success but then the ego started playing a part. From then, nobody wanted to do songs with each other. N*ggas were on some, ‘I’m not f*cking with that n*gga. I’m not doing that!’ That hurt everybody in a whole and everybody stopped dropping albums. Then wherever, the South, the West came, linked up, and collected that money for certain amount of years. I just feel like this is going to give everybody some sense of inspiration to come. (Hip Hop Game)

Check out Jada’s interview down below:

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