D-Block‘s Jadakiss recently spoke on re-joining his former boss Diddy and why The Lox would release their upcoming album via Bad Boy Entertainment.

Despite past differences with Puff, Jada credited the rap mogul as being one of the “smartest business gangsters” and a good choice to release his group’s new album with.

“Around Christmas time,” Kiss told Miss Info referring to the album’s release date. “We six, seven songs in. We got a meeting actually with Puffy in a couple of weeks I think. We got a sit-down dinner. I just got that news delivered to me…At the end of the day, if it’s beneficial for both parties on a financial end and on just good vibes, it could always work. The big wigs do it, the billionaires do it everyday…It started off with him just throwing it out there as a joke but I guess when he thought about it, how huge it could be with us linking back with him after ten years, all the marketing he could put around it, Ciroc ads, he’s one of the smartest business gangsters that ever touched this industry. And he knows everything that we went through, so the checks are gonna have to be nice.” (Miss Info)

The rapper recently spoke on the sluggish sales market for artists.

“The game is f*cked up right now, it’s a jungle,” Kiss explained. “It’s the dog years right now. N*ggas is doing baseball numbers, especially without having a big radio single. The game is f*cked up right now, find you another hustle. Wash cars or something…[Diddy] want that new Lox album on Bad Boy. That’s merely a conversation though, we ain’t take it no where yet. [It could happen,] yeah, we gonna do what we do. We got nothing to do with what the labels doing, we gonna do us baby. So I think it would work.” (57th Ave)

Kiss previously discussed the possibility of L-o-x reuniting with Puff.

“It’s always possible,” Kiss said referring to the label jump. “We’ve learned anything beneficial to L-O-X or anybody in our camp as long as it’s beneficial for us is okay. It’s about knowing what you getting involved in before you get involved. That first contract we signed, we ain’t really know and a lot of people do that. We learned, we found out quicker that most dudes. Whenever I signed a contract ever in life after that first one going to be beneficial for me more than anybody or it won’t have my signature on it….Only thing that separates D-Block or L-O-X is jail or death. No money, people trying to get in your ear trying to divide and conquer, none of that is gonna work.” (Street Heat)

Diddy was recently seen supporting Kiss by announcing him as a Ciroc Vodka spokesperson.

“It’s a big, big, big, big day tomorrow,” Diddy said in a P. Twitty video earlier this year. “Tomorrow this comes out right here, The Last Kiss. You gotsa have that. We just did deal we just probably sponsored a tour, some of the videos everything else. The family is back together.” (P.Twitty TV)

Check out Kiss’ interview with Miss Info below:

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