New York rapper Ja Rule isn’t ready to bow down. The hip-hop veteran has responded to the latest shade thrown his way from his longtime rival 50 Cent.

Rule hopped on Instagram Thursday (May 31) to clap back at Fif with a meme from his 2011 All Things Fall Apart movie.

Get the strap… 😩😂🤣😭

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Throughout the day, both Ja and 50 have traded shots with one another.

A few months ago, Ja Rule credited himself inspiring musicians like 50 to copy his style.

Ja actually referenced an interview 50’s son Marquise Jackson did last year where he credited him for influencing his style.

I would say it’s more of a mixture because today’s music is a form of past music. It’s just evolved. Everything’s evolving. I do a little bit of singing and I do a little bit of rapping. Automatically, I would probably fit into that Drake, [Lil] Wayne, Bryson Tiller, or a certain type of lane, right? But as far as I can go back into my mental rolodex, Ja Rule was probably one of the first to do it and I listen to a lot of Ja Rule because of that. So, it’s more like tapping into both. It’s like a history book. You’re able to get things now that you don’t think about but when you go in the history books and you look back, you realize, “I’m into this because of this. Somebody else opened that door.” So I feel like it’s only right that you know why you’re able to do certain things today and why it’s cool to do certain things today.” (Rap-Up)