New York rap veteran Ja Rule recently gave his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement and explained the importance for his community to appreciate the campaign.

In Rule’s opinion, African Americans should love and care about each other first for real change to go down.

“If Black Lives don’t matter to Black Lives, who the f*ck else is it going to matter to?” Ja asks sternly. “So I know it all starts with us. I want to see bigger movements. I don’t want to see Black on Black on violence no more. I want to see us root for each other, and I want to see us be happy to see the next man win. And it starts with messages like this that I’m sending. I don’t have no malice toward that Black man that I had drama with. I wish him all the success in the world.” (VIBE)

Watch Ja Rule’s interview and see what he said about having Black leaders on the next page…

Rule also discussed the importance of having positive Black leaders.

“The more positive, successful Black men we have, the more chance we have to break the cycle. And I think we should all get on board,” says Ja about setting good examples for the youth. “I think we should all root for each other and not tear each other down.” (VIBE)

Last week, movie director Quentin Tarantino joined a police brutality awareness demonstration in New York City.

Tarantino honored 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was killed by Cleveland police for holding a BB gun. He went on to highlight the case of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old unarmed black man who died after being given a “nickel ride” by Baltimore police after being arrested in April. His death sparked days of protests that engulfed the city. (Raw Story)

Earlier this month, R&B singer Usher teamed up with streaming service Tidal to release his police brutality-themed “Chains” song.

Usher released a new interactive visual experience titled Don’t Look Away, centered on his song “Chains,” featuring Nas & Bibi Bourelly. This experience is available to the public only on TIDAL at “Chains” will be exclusive to TIDAL for three days and won’t be found anywhere else. Using next generation facial recognition technology and music, this debut is the first of its kind. (TIDAL Press Release)

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