New York rapper Ja Rule isn’t ready to let off of ESPN. The hip-hop veteran has come forward to single out the popular sports network following some hard-hitting trolling it did to him across social media.

Ja Rule Challenges ESPN

On Monday, Rule went to Instagram and challenged ESPN to actually cover a valid sports-related story. Ja alerted the network he is an owner of a professional women’s football team.

“Hey @espn just thought I’d let y’all know I own a women’s professional football team called @newyorkstars in a brand new league the WFLA owned by WOMEN OF COLOR… Wow what a story right??? I figured this was more in your wheelhouse of reporting!!! 😉 #ICONN” -Ja Rule’s Twitter

““I guess not” #ICONN #WFLA #womenempowerment #womensfootball #Football #Fs1 #espn #nike #adidas #puma #underarmour #payforplay #THELADIESGOTNEXT” -Ja Rule’s Instagram

Ja Rule challenges ESPN for better coverage.

High-Key Details

Heading into Monday, Rule hit up his Twitter pages to unload on ESPN. Ja took personal offense to the media platform trying to clown throwback footage of him not getting a loud applause at a Milwaukee Bucks game.

“I usually mind my business and ignore the white noise but I think it’s very unprofessional of @espn to try and diminish or discredit who and what I am to this culture… whoever post for your social accounts @espn needs to be FIRED… … Be more professional @espn and tell your little social team to have some RESPECT we speaking on an ICONN… #ICONN … So let me get this straight @espn your letting your social team that represents your brand and social accounts with over 16 million follows try and clown me over what was clearly a technical issue with the equipment and for what likes??? @espn clout chasing now lmao… #ICONN” -Ja Rule’s Twitter

Ja Rule criticizes ESPN.

Wait, There’s More

Ja didn’t stop there. He also shared footage of Bucks’ star Giannis Antetokounmpo coming to his defense about what really happened in the throwback clip.

“Like I said it was a technical issue but y’all always trying it… 🤣 @espn STOP PLAYING WIT ME… 🤡 they even try to get @Giannis_An34 to say something bad about me lmao #Foh #thedevilisalie #ICONN” -Ja Rule’s Twitter

Before You Go

On Sunday, ESPN flexed its social media trolling goals at Ja’s expense. It shared the throwback Bucks game footage with Rule appearing to not get any crowd love.

“Never forget this Ja Rule moment 😂” -ESPN’s Twitter