Hollywood actress Jennifer “J. Lo” Lopez knew from the beginning Cardi B had to pull through for their “Dinero” collaboration. The music veteran has dished on getting the New York native on her newest single.

In a new interview, Lopez said she had no doubt Cardi would slay on “Dinero.”

“When I heard the track, I knew right away. They were like, ‘Would you want anyone on it?’ And I was like, right away, ‘Cardi.’ At that time her song ‘Bodak Yellow’ had just come out but I don’t know, she’s from the Bronx, she’s Dominican, I felt like it was the right vibe and I don’t know, I just felt like she would kill it and she did.” (Billboard)

Last week, Cardi and J. Lo finally hit the green light on their banger.

In April, DJ Khaled shared pics from the “Dinero” music video production set.


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Am I dreaming ?! @jlo #Dinero

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Back in February, Jennifer hinted at having plans to make “Dinero” with Cardi.

And as far as those rumors about her collaborating with Cardi B, she says they’re all true! “I feel like you already know that I collaborated with Cardi B,” she said laughing. “I do have a record coming out with her and it’s coming out soon. The name of the song is ‘Dinero.’ I don’t know what the video is going to be yet but we’ll see what we come up with.” (Latina)