Hollywood actress Jennifer Lopez might really still be Jenny from the block. The crooner has caved in and confirmed speculation about something possibly brewing with fellow Bronx native Cardi B.

In a recent Latina interview, J. Lo admitted she has locked-in a fresh B record called “Dinero” and promised a video would accompany it.

And as far as those rumors about her collaborating with Cardi B, she says they’re all true! “I feel like you already know that I collaborated with Cardi B,” she said laughing. “I do have a record coming out with her and it’s coming out soon. The name of the song is ‘Dinero.’ I don’t know what the video is going to be yet but we’ll see what we come up with.” (Latina)

A few weeks ago, Cardi B reacted to getting a hefty J. Lo co-sign.

Days prior, the rap hitmaker reacted to music mogul Diddy saluting her recently released “Finesse” remix.