St. Louis rapper J-Kwon is back with a vengeance after taking ample time away from the music scene with a name-dropping diss record called “Pushing the Odds.”

As the title suggests, Kwon targets a few notable hip-hop artists like G.O.O.D Music’s Pusha T.

“Let’s get some sh*t straight for a second,” Kwon raps. “You just getting bread, Push, I been straight for a second/N*ggas say I’m dead, I say I’m too alive/Let me respect my elders, I’m 26, that n*gga 35 — Pusha T said my name, he owe me some paper.” (“Pushing the Odds”)

The Midwest rapper also reserved a few serious bars for Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator.

“Pal, I’ll mute ya/I bought a whip, call it Odd Future/Since ’04, I had the odd future,” Kwon raps. “I’ll turn off your lights like I’m Future/Lil homie, you don’t know me, quit f*cking with me/F*cking kids wearing wigs and f*cking with n*ggas/You the f*cking creator, is you like really creative — threw my old sh*t on their trailer/This is Child’s Play, so stay in a child’s play/N*ggas better grow up before I show up where you child play.” (“Pushing the Odds”)

Some bloggers have credited a new Kanye West interview for sparking Kwon’s motivation to releasing the track.

Paint this one peculiar as J-Kwon takes time away from playing church bingo to fire off a few shots at Pusha T and Odd Future. The last time we heard J-Kwon’s name it was because he went off the grid completely, leaving his record label worried about him. They were probably more concerned with him owing them another album than his actual well being. That’s my guess. In his NY Times interview, Kanye West mentioned his appreciation for the St. Louis rapper best known for creating “Tipsy” (according ‘Ye, “People would think that’s like a lower-quality, less intellectual form of hip-hop, but that’s always my No. 1.”) J-Kwon heard his name called and instantly sprung into action with a “Pushing The Odds.” (Smoking Section)

Coincidentally, the diss track reportedly dropped earlier this year but is now receiving widespread attention.

After Tyler, the Creator and Pusha T took shots at J-Kwon on their most recent releases this year, he decided to fire back with a record called “Pushing the Odds,” a somewhat clever reference to both of them. He released the track on his soundcloud page in April, and up until yesterday the song only had 1,000 listens. Luckily for J-Kwon, Kanye West’s interview with the New York Times featured a reference to “Tipsy,” which single-handedly brought some attention back to him and resulted in people finding his soundcloud page. So now we all get to hear J-Kwon drop gems like “From St. Louis where we say ‘hurr’/ And we flip birds no Sesame Street” and laugh about it. (The Boom Box)

Check out “Pushing the Odds”:

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