After recently dropping his new Last Winter, SOHH reached out to J. Cole protégé Bas to find out how his life has changed since Dreamville officially joined Interscope Records this past winter. #StillDreaming

Despite the perception of joining an overwhelming major record label, Bas admitted the entire Interscope staff showed an intimate interest in his craft.

“It’s been really good. You would think joining Interscope you’re about to go to this big, corporate entity. When I got to the building, I got to meet everybody and they’ve all really been working with us to keep Dreamville really organic,” Bas told SOHH. “It’s just really dope to have them be so understanding and to make my new Last Winter a commercial release. This was a project that I had. I was ready to release this going into the deal and it was just going to be another free release to put out but they were like, “Let’s give this a proper release.”” (SOHH)

Bas also dished on how much involvement Interscope had with his new Last Winter release.

“They set up a deal with us to release this digitally and set something up with BestBuy to put out limited physical copies. To see them almost working as an indie label, it’s been great. I think the only thing that changes is there’s much more resources. There’s a lot of people who have done this with other artists before and they know what they’re doing. It’s been a thrill so far and I couldn’t ask for me. Honestly. Everyone in the building has come through for us.” (SOHH)

The New York native even joked about how much Beats Electronics love he has received since teaming up with Jimmy Iovine‘s iconic company.

“As far as the Beats stuff, I got a Pill, I got a couple headphones. I need the big Pill for my dressing room! [laughs] I was joking around saying I need some of those big Pill speakers for the dressing room. Maybe next time I got to Los Angeles, I’ll just pop up into the office.” (SOHH)

Back in January, J. Cole announced the partnership of his Dreamville label and Interscope.

Dreamville, one of hip-hop’s most innovative and creative collectives and the force behind the phenomenal success of rapper J. Cole, whose first two albums hit #1 across the charts, has formed an exclusive label with Interscope Records. Dreamville also announced today that its first artist signing will be Bas, who has been supporting Cole on tour. “Dreamville celebrates the sort of grass roots, out-of-the-box approach to connecting artists to their fans that can help move the music industry into the future. We are very pleased to welcome Dreamville into the Interscope family,” says Joie Manda, President, Urban Music, Interscope Records. (Press Release)

The 29-year-old rapper reportedly launched Dreamville seven years ago.

Cole and business partner Ibrahim Hamad launched Dreamville in 2007, before Cole became the first signing for Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation two years later (Cole remains an artist with Roc Nation). Since then, the Dreamville team has been responsible for successes on record, on stage, on the Internet, and beyond. As a result, Cole, a magna cum laude graduate of St. John’s University with a major in communications and minor in business, has been named one of Forbes magazine’s prestigious 30 Under 30 in the music industry. (Press Release)