Roc Nation star J. Cole‘s 2014 Forest Hills Drive solo album will dominate its competition on the sales chart next week with increased estimates.

According to the latest projections, Cole’s newest release will easily sell over 300,000 copies.

J. Cole is “Apparently” (to borrow his single title) headed for a boffo bow; he’s due to unseat Taylor Swift for #1 on next week’s chart. Here are this week’s key releases, with album reads first, followed by Sales Plus Streaming (SPS): J. Cole (Roc Nation/Columbia) 320-350k sales / 335-360k SPS (HITS Daily Double)

Check out these early estimates right here…

Cole gave his take on the initial sales projections on social media Wednesday (December 10).

Early estimates had the album possibly selling up to 270,000 copies.

COLE IN YOUR STOCKING: Early, early reads suggest that Roc Nation/Dreamville/Columbia’s J. Cole is on track to move a whopping 240-270k in his opening week with album 2014 Forest Hills Drive. The set is currently #1 at iTunes on its first day of release; single “Apparently” is just impacting radio now. Again, these are very early assessments; stand by for updates. (HITS Daily Double)

Music producer Timbaland had already called the release a classic.

Wowwwww this album is a classic!!!!!!!!!

Een foto die is geplaatst door Timbo the King (@timbaland) op