Dreamville Records’ co-owner Ibrahim Hamad has stepped up to share thoughts on fellow head J. Cole’s new 2014 Forest Hills Drive album selling over a million copies.

Hamad hopped onto Twitter to speak out on Cole’s chart-topping album’s success.

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According to reports, the album has sold over a million copies since its release last November.

2014 Forest Hills Drive entered the top of the Billboard 200 Albums chart, after selling over 300,000 copies in its first week. “Apparently” and “Wet Dreamz” were both released as singles from the project. “Apparently” reached Number 58 on the Billboard Hot 100, and Number 10 on the Hot Rap Songs chart. (FDMX)

A few months ago, Cole talked about the risk factor of releasing the album with little promotion.

“To put the album out the way I did, I had to come to grips with myself that it might flop. I knew it was my best but I didn’t know if no singles or no promotion would be a risk. I had to tell myself, ‘This album could potentially come out and sell terribly — are you gonna be okay with that? Is that worth people hearing it at one time and doing no singles?’” (“The Combat Jack Show”)

Cole recently reacted to his new 2014 Forest Hills Drive album topping the sales chart a few weeks ago.