Dreamville boss J. Cole is taking his Internet marketing tactics to an all-new high. The hip-hop veteran has treated fans to the true meaning of his KOD album’s title in a since-deleted video.

In the nearly two minute promo video, Cole confirms there are multiple meanings behind KOD.

J. Cole’s new album KOD is out at midnight tonight. Before it arrives, he’s shared a new trailer for the record that outlines what the abbreviated title stands for. There are multiple abbreviations—Kids on Drugs, King Overdose, and Kill Our Demons—accompanied by a monologue that explains the relevance of each title. (Pitchfork)


Yesterday, Cole shocked fans by sharing the album’s artwork and tracklisting.

Earlier in the week, Cole shocked fans by announcing his new solo effort’s release plans.

A few hours prior, J. Cole wiped his Instagram page clean and invited New York fans to pull through for a mysterious Gramercy Theatre event.

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