Roc Nation’s J. Cole is a fan of dates and made sure to remind everyone today (June 15) is much bigger than Father’s Day with an open letter to celebrate the fifth anniversary of his acclaimed The Warm Up mixtape. #WarmUp

Cole released his lengthy one-page letter to the masses Sunday evening.

“5 years ago, we started a journey together. On June 15th, 2009 I released The Warm Up to a few who were waiting patiently for it. Full of my dreams, fears and predictions, it resonated with your right away. Over the next year I watched it grow legs and spread at an unbelievable pace all beacuse you felt it os much. Five years later, I couldn’t be more proud of its impact. Thank you.” (Dreamville)

Cole also dished the importance of people learning how to dream and realize anything is possible.

“No matter where you were 5 years ago, I hope that today you are closer to your dreams. I know that everything hasn’t gone exactly the way you planned, it hasn’t for me either. But our job isn’t to plan. Our job includes 3 responsibilities. 1. To dream. 2. To believes the dream is attainable. And 3. To work hard everyday towards the dream. Let God handle the rest.” (Dreamville)

The rap star announced plans to hit the road and tour in honor of the mixtape’s anniversary.

Cole also took time out to thank the fans for everything they have done for him during his career. In support of the anniversary, Cole is bringing back his “Dollar & A Dream” tour this summer, and performing the mixtape in full. (Complex)

Back in January, J. Cole announced the partnership of his Dreamville label and Interscope.

Dreamville, one of hip-hop’s most innovative and creative collectives and the force behind the phenomenal success of rapper J. Cole, whose first two albums hit #1 across the charts, has formed an exclusive label with Interscope Records. Dreamville also announced today that its first artist signing will be Bas, who has been supporting Cole on tour. “Dreamville celebrates the sort of grass roots, out-of-the-box approach to connecting artists to their fans that can help move the music industry into the future. We are very pleased to welcome Dreamville into the Interscope family,” says Joie Manda, President, Urban Music, Interscope Records. (Press Release)