[With her new Love On The Run still making noise since its release, Taylor Gang’s Courtney Noelle gives SOHH readers the inside scoop on what her experience in Wiz Khalifa’s star-studded crew’s been like since blowing up.]

I’ve learned a lot of lessons since joining Taylor Gang.

The biggest lesson is probably to just be ready. Everything that we do is kinda spur of the moment. There are things that are planned out and a lot of detail is put onto them but when you get there you never know what is going to happen so you have to be prepared and stay on your toes and just be ready for anything.

One thing might be scheduled to go this way but when it doesn’t you have to know how to improvise and do whatcha gotta do to pull it off. I’ve definitely learned a lot about that.

We’re all like family so obviously we’re all gonna support and help each other in whatever way that we can. That goes from Wiz all the way down to some of our newer artists. Our producers. Some of our people who are on our team.

Everybody has to pull their weight but we’re all here to back that up. You know, no one’s gonna do that for you. No one on our team expects anybody to do it for us. We kind of have to hustle on our own. Who wouldn’t wanna say that you put in your own work?

I wouldn’t want to have to credit so many people for doing it for me. I’d rather do it myself and I think that’s how all of us are. But we know that we’re all here for each other for whatever we need.

Off-stage? The number one past time is smokin’. Right now, that’s exactly what everyone’s doing. What time is it? I don’t think its two o’clock yet and we have a house full of people and a table full of weed and eggs and grits and bacon. We’re eating breakfast and smokin’.

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