With Kanye West putting Bush on blast, I just realized, ITS A NEW DAY!

Kanye just upped the level on all fronts.

Musically. Did you cop Late Registration. I didn’t like it at first, but after a week of playing it, I can see why so many people said it was a classic album. I don’t agree with classic album status, but it changed the landscape.

Politically. Kanye said what was on the minds of many African-American’s during a live concert.

“George Bush doesn’t care about Black people.”

Nuff said.

Aside from Jim Jones snuffing George Bush on The White House lawn, nothing is topping Kanye for a minute.

Today, we can safely replace the same-o-same HIp-Hop conversations…

Nas vs. Jay-Z is getting boring. G-Unit vs. D-Block is too simple. Eminem vs. Benzino is pointless.

So all this week, I will be bring you some new things to talk about on your project benches. I will be giving you stuff to discuss during your watercooler break*. I will plant stuff in your brain so you sound more intelligent at the lunch table.

It’s A New Day Ya’ll

* if you don’t know what a water cooler break is, put down the french fry basket and get a job.