With Estelle’s new “Thank You” remix generating quite a buzz courtesy of guest appearances by Busta Rhymes and French Montana, SOHH recently reached out to legendary producer, Jerry Wonda, to find out exactly how he revamped the successful single.

According to Wonda, French immediately knew he wanted to contribute to Estelle’s smash hit once the two had a chance to speak.

“For the remix, I was able to get Busta Rhymes and French Montana on the same record,” Wonda told SOHH. “We through it out there and man, it’s crazy. I remember when [Montana] came in to do the ‘Hurt Somebody,’ which is [huge like] a movie record. He was like, ‘Yo Jerry, once I’m done, you know I’ve got to drop something on that joint you did for Estelle. I have to.’ I was like, ‘If you really have to, here you go. Let’s go.’ From there, he jumped right on and made it happen in about half an hour and bodied it.” (SOHH)

Wonda also took a moment to reflect on Busta’s longevity in hip-hop and his undeniable hunger for music-making.

“Man, Busta, I can’t say enough about him,” Jerry added. “It’s like a new beginning for Busta Rhymes. He moves with integrity, he moves right. Busta’s always gonna be around and he’s so talented. It’s about the music with him, first. It’s not even the business. It’s the music first. That’s what I love about Busta. He’s so talented, man.” (SOHH)

Busta leads off the “G”-mixed track and reflects back to an old flame he regretfully let get away.

Rhymes opens with reflecting on a romance that slipped through his fingers. “You’ll be forever in my thoughts, I know I won’t forget it/ Forget your love and how reckless I was, I so regret it,” he raps. In between Estelle’s coos, Montana steps in and serves a similar verse about a distant love. “They got us lookin’ like Ike and Tina/ Thinkin’ ’bout the time knew I coulda made it sweeta/ Before the money came, before I went psycho on ya/ Then the money came, then I went Tiger on ya,” he rhymes. (The Boom Box)

The song’s original music video premiered online around mid-January of this year.

Both Estelle and Santigold release a new music video almost at the same time. The former gives treatment to her ballad single “Thank You”, while the latter releases visuals for her frantic-sounding track “Big Mouth”. Staying true to the mellow vibes of the song, Estelle creates a clip which deals with a heartbreak. Instead of dwelling on her sadness, she decides to move on with her life and finds courage to tell the man who did her wrong to back off. “Thank you, cos now I know what I don’t want,” she says. (Ace Showbiz)

Check out the “Thank You” remix below: