It’s good to see Dame and Irv putting their old differences aside. Just think it was only 3 years ago that Irv and Dame was fighting over who was the ‘hottest nigga in the building’. I came across some interesting passages while reading Queens Reigns Supreme

"In a July 30, 2002 profile for Rolling Stone, Irv and Jay-Z’s partner Damon Dash tussled over who the reporter could dub the "hottest nigga in the building." After arguing at Def Jam’s 8th Avenue offices, Irv and Dash bicker again over the phone…"

Another interesting passage about Dame and Jay-Z was from Curtis Scoon:

"Irv promoted the Roc-A-Fella guys as street guys and I dealt with them as such," Scoon says meaning that handshakes, not contracts, would suffice if they were to enter into a business relationship. "But I immediatetly knew that Jay and Dame were not street. They were the kind of guys who could fuck each other over and then meet at a party and hug for the cameras."

Could this whole Jay-Z and Dame Dash breakup be a set-up?