Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti‘s girlfriend vixen Ashley Martelle has stepped forward to speak out on x-rated footage leaking onto Snapchat.

Ashley went to Instagram Tuesday (August 2) to deny putting out the sex tape and reveal she may completely fall back from social media.

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Initially, footage had surfaced of Martelle performing oral on Snapchat.

Well, we now see why he can’t get enough of Mrs. Ashley. It seems she’s down for anything including going down on him on snapchat for the world to see. No, she’s not wifey with a ring but they’ve been dating for awhile now. It’s something like a p*rno happening on snap! (The Shade Room)

Ashley is known for flooding her Instagram page with coupled up shots alongside Gotti.

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Buzz developed last spring about Gotti and Martelle dating.

Irv Gotti is head over heels with Ashley Martelle, aka “the white Taz Angel“… When Ashley left the Angels months ago we wondered what she was up to. Should’ve known somebody swooped her up riiiight? Now if you’re anything like us, it’s hard to think about Irv without wondering how his ex Debb is doing. (Bossip)