Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti is finally speaking up. The hip-hop executive has come forward to address the non-stop disses coming his way from longtime rap foe 50 Cent.

Gotti Responds

After mounted shade, Irv Gotti decided to come clean on 50 Cent’s accusations. According to Gotti, he does not owe any money to recently released BMF co-founder Southwest T.

“Like i hate that I have to post this. But I just posted about my nigga Dre Passing and in my comments. Yall are saying bullsh*t. If y’all don’t know by now that homie is a clown and on my d*ck and will say or do anything for attention. I do not owe T or any man a penny. That’s not who I am. Me and T are cool. Let T say I owe him a penny or he gave me money. That will never happen. Because. Me. Irv Gotti never took 1 penny from him. I have always been super cool with my BMF niggas. That goes for T. And it definitely goes for MEECH. With whom I had a closer relationship with. Nothing but Love and Respect. So until you hear T say something. Stop with the clown shit with the clown. Happy your Home T. Hope Meech comes Home too. I wish you both nothing but Success and Love!! Now please. Stop entertaining homie the clown. And his lies and Bullsh*t. I’m focused. Back to doing what I’m doing. And living my life. As a MAN!! I have a lot of sh*t to do. No energy or time for clown sh*t.” -Irv Gotti’s Instagram

Irv Gotti speaks on 50 Cent‘s accusations

Warning Moment

This week, 50 didn’t fall back on Gotti. Fifty used a cringe shot of Irv and said he still owed Southwest T.

“boy you best be coming up with that money you borrowed it’s Monday fool. @irvgotti187 pay your debt @bmfboss_swt_263#Starz#BMF” -50 Cent’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

A few days ago, 50 gave a huge warning to the music executive. The Queens native told IG to have money ready to pay up to T.

“yo @irvgotti187 you best be coming up with that bread you borrowed from Big T in Encino you sucker a** n*gga. you didnt go see him or put nothing on his books. yeah he home now so you can stretch out to him or get stretched. #starz#bmfitgear” -50 Cent’s Instagram

Before You Go

Last week, reports emerged about BMF co-founder Big Meech getting denied a request to leave prison early. Despite T being scheduled for release, Meech’s legal team couldn’t convince a judge to green light the request despite the current coronavirus epidemic.

The Flenory brothers were sentenced to 30 years in federal prison in 2008. Terry Flenory was scheduled to be released Tuesday as part of a broader effort by officials to stem the spread of a virus that, according to federal prison data, has killed at least 40 inmates and infected more than 2,300 prisoners and staffers. (Detroit News)