Murder Inc. boss Irv Gotti isn’t keeping his lips sealed. The hip-hop mogul has stepped up to clap back at disses fired his way from rap rival 50 Cent.

Gotti hit up Instagram Wednesday (September 27) to respond to 50 claiming his new “50 Central” show will eventually knock off his “Tales” BET series.

All bullshit aside. I WANNA THANK THIS NIGGA. HE PROMOTE MY SHIT BETTER THAN @bet Hahaha. And it's obvious. YOU LOVE TALES. You just can't say it. Obviously. You say great concept. Poor execution. Hahaha. Fuck outta here!! Everyone. Right after the Hip Hop Awards on Oct 10th. My enemies favorite show returns. Hahaha. TALES. 10pm. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Tales is back. And as far as it stopping. The opposite is happening. TALES is expanding. All Music Genres. Pop. Rock. Country. R&B. Gospel. And across the Globe. Tales Latin. Tales Asia. Tales U.K. Tales Germany. With the VIACOM System. Like you said cock sucker. It's a dope Concept right?? Hahahha. #visionaryideas #talesonbet #talesontidal #hiphopculturedtv Oh. And I am doing Nas's I Gave You Power in Season 2. I thought of that already whore. Lol.

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Last month, Gotti responded to shade thrown his way from the G-Unit boss.

Days prior, 50 Cent sparked the Internet’s attention after calling out Irv Gotti and his “Tales” show.