Renowned music label Interscope Records is reportedly under investigation as the home base of a massive cocaine ring used to ship and pickup narcotics.

Details on the label’s alleged misdealings landed online this week.

Members of a narcotics ring that sent large amounts of cocaine and cash back and forth across the U.S. in music “road cases” arranged pickups and deliveries at the offices of Interscope Records, a music industry power whose roster includes artists like U2, Eminem, and Lady Gaga, according to federal investigators. Department of Justice prosecutors this week provided defense lawyers with shipping records detailing “pickups and deliveries” made at Interscope’s Los Angeles office by a cargo firm that was used to transport the music cases, which were alternately stuffed with kilos of cocaine and upwards of $1 million in cash. (The Smoking Gun)

Incarcerated music executive Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond is also reportedly linked to the case.

Federal officials say these are findings from a year-long Drug Enforcement Administration investigation, the same investigation that led to the indictment of Czar Entertainment CEO and Game manager James Rosemond on 18 felony charges that could result in having him sentenced to life in prison. TSG further reports that while its unclear how the players in the narcotics ring had access to Interscope’s offices, the Game records on the label and his road manager has been named in the trafficking plot. Rosemond is currently being held without bail in Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan. (XXL Mag)

After going on the run for drug-related charges last spring, Rosemond was eventually arrested over the summer.

The hip-hop mogul spotted the agents at about noon as he walked out of the W Hotel in Union Square, sources said. Once on the street, Rosemond walked north and tried to outrun the agents until he was finally arrested on 21st Street and Park Avenue South. The US Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn charged Rosemond in a complaint today with orchestrating the delivery of multiple kilos of cocaine from Los Angeles to the New York City metropolitan area. Millions of dollars in drug proceeds went from New York back to California, the complaint charged. (New York Post)

Additional reports claimed Rosemond faces life behind bars.

Rosemond, 46, the CEO and co-founder of Czar Entertainment, is scheduled to make his initial appearance in Brooklyn federal court, following his arrest Tuesday morning by U.S. Marshals and agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency. He faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted on the charges, according to federal prosecutors. (Reuters)

No further details have been revealed as of now.