Internet vixen Celina Powell is grabbing social media’s full attention. The Instagram star has attempted to expose rap veteran Snoop Dogg in a nasty cheating scandal.

Over the past few hours, both Celina and Snoop have traded jabs at one another.

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Back in early May, Celina came clean and confessed to lying about rapper Offset impregnating her.

A few days prior, Cardi called the entire pregnancy situation ridiculously fake.

Back in March, Offset relied on Twitter to deny having any connections to Celina.

A few days prior, Celina came forward to announce the birth of her daughter.

Baby Karma has arrived! Celina Powell has officially given birth, as she announced on March 23, via Instagram, and we can only imagine she’ll demand Offset, 26, to take a DNA test asap! After all, ever since announcing her pregnancy to the world in December, Celina has been adamant about the rapper being her baby daddy. (Hollywood Life)