The Internet remains undefeated. Comedian Jacob Berger has turned things up by impersonating a police officer to respond to Erykah Badu and Michael Blackson‘s “For The” challenges.

Last night, Berger unleashed his must-watch “For The” video clip response.

Last night, New York rapper Nicki Minaj responded to Badu’s hilariously explicit challenge.

Earlier in the day, both Badu and comedian Michael Blackson blew social media’s minds with their wild challenge freestyles.

First celebs on #forthepussychallenge #forthedickchallenge Badu vs Micheal Blackson @michaelblackson @yasmin_amira_ @coldcris #erykahbadu #michealblackson (((Lyrics))) BADU : I aint doin shit for da dick• Licky Lik for da dick•. Give up my window seat for da dick• fuck it I'll eat meat for da dick• fight hurricane Maria for da dick• ride a missile from Korea for da dick• let him call me a ho FTD• baby daddy number 4 FTD• Buck a bitch in the head FTD• Fuck WOKE. I'm 💀 FTD• Suck it down to da bone FTD• let him use MY phone FTD• Motorola FTD• fuck Micheal Blackson -EBOLA FTD• caught on tape … MIKE: …not smart for da pussy • cheat on my wife-Kevin Hart for da pussy •I'll eat Pork FTP•I'll skip court FTP• I'll bleach my skin FTP• fuck a Siamese twins FTP• pledge allegiance to the flag 🇱🇷FTP• fuck a bitch on the rag FTP…

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#forthepussychallenge #forthedickchallenge #Blackson vs #Badu @erykahbadu

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Along with Nicki, vixen Blac Chyna has reacted to the Badu/Blackson clip.

Woke up like ……

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