Instant Family – 5 Reasons You Should Buy On Digital HD + Blu-Ray

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

If you're tired of spending countless hours looking for the perfect binge-watch-worthy show or heading out to the theaters just to see a mediocre flick, look no further than the newly released Instant Family on both Digital HD and Blu-ray/DVD.

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Packed with tons of humor, superstar leads and a handful of familiar Hollywood faces making cameos, it was a breeze putting together the top five reasons Instant Family is worth owning right now!

  1. It’s A Great Film

The first reason Instant Family is a must-see and must-own is because it’s a great movie. It’s one thing to have a great cast with little to no story to work with but this is a movie you’ll love from the opening scene through the end credits. Packed with emotion, filled with laughs and the type of feel-good movie you can enjoy with family and friends – this is an instant own.

2. One, Two Punch

The second reason this is worth owning is because of the spot-on chemistry between Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne. Rarely do you come across movies where the husband-wife or male-female dynamic are equally positioned and simply – perfect. Instant Family delivers in a huge way – both bring some serious ‘funny’ to the table, connect with their co-stars and really do a great job in sucking you into their shoes. One scene you feel like this is the best idea in the world – the next you can see why they’d want to being without kids. Without giving away any spoilers – their final scene is a tera-jerker!

3. The Bonus Content

There’s nothing better when you own a movie than getting the bonus content. Simply said – you could just watch a majority of your favorite flicks on your go-to streaming service when available – but the one key component a Netflix and HULU or even HBO Go do not have is all the bonus material jammed into theses releases. From director’s commentary to getting up-close with the cast and production team – there’s nothing better than finding out how the movie came together and getting all the quirky little details you only know from checking out the bonus features..

4. Digital HD Reigns Supreme

It cannot be said enough – the digital age is winning, winning, winning! While we cannot argue the greatness of having a 4K, Blu-ray and DVD version in the collection, there’s just an immense satisfaction when you own your favorite titles on Digital HD. Fortunately, most of these 4K/Blu-ray/DVD combos typically include a digital code to redeem. Whether you’re traveling on spring break, need a mental break during all your studying and/or commuting to work or just love to watch movies on your phone without Wi-Fi – the Digital HD format is the way to go! Instant Family is completely enjoyable on our daily commutes into the Big Apple in jam-packed trains and buses – or even the occasion Lyft/Uber ride!

5. Deleted + Extended Scenes

Even though we’re kind of cheating because this belongs in the ‘Bonus Content’ reason – you simply cannot have Deleted and Extended Scenes overlooked. Sometimes running times just don’t allow all of the funny and bonus content to go into the final product – hence watching movies at ‘your’ leisure and seeing what the director couldn’t get into the movie. Instant Family comes packed with additional scenes you didn’t see on the big screen!


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Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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