Social media giant Twitter is winning in a big way right now. The digital giant’s rivals – Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp – are all currently unavailable due to technical issues.

According to reports, the outage began Sunday afternoon in Europe and has already impacted the United States.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are down this afternoon with users throughout the UK and Europe left frustrated. Monitoring website has received hundreds of complaints across the UK and Europe. Hundreds of people have taken to Twitter to report the issues. Those hoping to log on are being presented with an error message saying the site “can’t be reached”. (Mirror)

Last month, various entertainers lit up Twitter over Instagram and Facebook having multi-day outages.

During the outage, Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy offered his own solution to Instagram and Facebook going down.

According to reports, the online issues impacted all countries.

As with nearly every Facebook outage, users headed to Twitter with the hashtag #facebookdown quickly becoming the top trending topic in the United States., which monitors websites, showed the company experiencing issues across a large portion of the U.S. and Europe in addition to reported problems in parts of South America, Asia and Australia. (USA Today)