Vixen India Love has some serious explaining to do following the leak of a sex tape allegedly featuring her and another woman.

Screenshots and x-rated footage surfaced Tuesday (December 13) and exploded across social media.

Racy footage leaked online and the tattoos on the woman’s body (there’s a pretty identifiable L.A. tattoo on her backside) have made people conclude that it’s her on the tape with what appears to be another woman. As a result, the model promptly begin trending on Twitter. Some fans were protective, insisting that people leave her alone, some were weary, saying that she clearly needs to surround herself with better people, while others were just excited to see their timelines. (The Boom Box)

Recently, Love spoke out on what helped her get over some e-beefing with Soulja Boy once an x-rated pic leaked onto his social media pages.




Days prior, Soulja addressed a nude India Love picture showing up on his Twitter page.


#Souljaboy says that his social media was hacked after a nude photo of #IndiaLove appeared on his page

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