Texas, while known for it’s glory days of Hip-Hop and pioneering the Screw culture has always had a penchant for singing.

Maybe it’s the early days in church or maybe it’s just the marijuana but if you’re rapping, then you’re probably singing too.

Right now, as Texas is being seen as a hotbed for burgeoning talent (i.e. Post Malone, Ugly God, Billyracxx), there is a shining star in Dallas, TX ; Imaj, who is keeping traditional R&B values of love and intimacy and adding the millennial outlook of concern and despair from infidelity. At 23, Imaj’s future is looking very bright. His latest single “JSTLMK” has been receiving airplay in Top 5 market Dallas, TX on 97.9 The Beat. Watch the video below for his most recent release, “Fool.”