[In honor of late rap mogul Notorious B.I.G., we’re bringing back this classic SOHH exclusive interview from ’13 where hip-hop veteran Sadat X tells SOHH about his memorable experience recording their “Come On” collaboration together.]

I had a great collaboration with Beanie Sigel for his B. Coming album, “Bread and Butter,” but by far, my greatest collaboration is the one I did with Notorious B.I.G., the record “Come On.”

I have to say “Come On” because when I actually did that song with B.I.G., we were right in the studio together and the thing is, I’m not even front, we had a box of Phillies, we had bottles of champagne, we had some Hennessy and B.I.G. was playing the beat.

I remember I was sitting there writing my little part out, this and that, and I seen B.I.G. next to me with a piece of paper but he’s drawing doodles and then you might just see one word. It might be more doodles and then another word.

I remember being like, “Well d*mn, how’s son gonna remember what he wrote?” But by the time he got up and finished, he left, looked at that paper about two or three times, and somehow, those doodles and one and two words connected and made a maze in his mind.

He was able to get up and knock that sh*t right out.

I remember I was like, “Wow.” That’s when I knew, like, “My man right here, he’s something special.” No question.

Check out “Come On”: