Former OVO Sound artist iLoveMakonnen is coming out about his past issues with rap star Drake and the epic record label. The “Tuesday” hitmaker dished on how things turned ugly after joining forces.

According to iLoveMakonnen, he couldn’t understand why Drizzy only focused on him because of his infectious 2014 single.

“I mean hey! I’m doing me. All of a sudden I got my song remixed by so-and-so and I had to go off to try and chase them around. And y’all telling me to come to Canada to deal with y’all, and you know I’ve got a record and can’t even get out the country right now. Why you wanna play these games? When you got the goddam mansion out in Calabasas that I came out to and played y’all songs and ended up making you scared because you saw I could make songs on the spot? Why y’all wanna play these games? Why didn’t you just tell me you didn’t wanna f*ck with me anymore and just let me go about my way? Why’d you make me chase you all the way the f*ck around? And make me look like a f*cking fool? Why [voice escalating] would you do this?” (The FADER)

The hitmaker also said he tried to get Drake and the OVO team to support his projects.

“This when I got signed. He’s all in my face telling me, “You one of the greatest songwriters ever,” da da da. Just blowing me up, bruh. And I’m the little kid from tragedy right now. You could see it. It was written all over my face! I’m depressed as f*ck! And then when I’m like, ”Can y’all tweet out my mixtape? Can I get a feature? Can I get production?” No, no, no. So I’m just over here in prison?! Am I in prison?!! And it’s like, who y’all talking about? Cause y’all definitely haven’t been talking about Makonnen lately. And they know my name very well — they used to say, “I love your name.” Remember? When it made change over there? Made more change than any other motherf*cker on the label, huh?” (The FADER)

In May 2016, the hip-hop newcomer revealed his interest in falling back on the music biz due to its politics.

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A few weeks prior, iLoveMakonnen sparked headlines after dissing Drake.

“It looks like Views From The, or what’s that n*gga album? What’s that dumba** album, uh, Take Care or some sh*t? [laughs] … Why you leave OVO? ‘Cause I was underweight now. When I was overweight, they were f*cking with me. That’s what OVO stand for. Overweight Only. Overweight N*ggas Only.”

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