[With their new Nitty Scott and Patience Carter "Lost Souls” collaboration finally available, music newcomers Iliana Eve and L’Shai talk to SOHH about putting together the emotional-driven single from producer Jonathan Hay.]

My part in the song is talking about lost love. It’s because you can lose love with a person or your family or just in general. You can lose love in any way.

I sit in my room and write. [P[Producer]strong>Jonathan Hay had played a song he had produced and I just started saying things that I had written in the past.

I changed it a little so it would go with the beat. Then he told me Nitty Scott was on the record and it was like, “Whoa, this is cool.”

This was really my first time working with L’Shai but right afterward, we followed each other on Snapchat so we’re basically best friends.

I hope people hear this song and understand that things can really get lost in anything. There’s always going to be that kind of disappointment through life but you can pull-though and find your soul. –Illiana Eve

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My verse is more political and related to what’s going on around here. It’s also about what I’ve been through. When I heard the track, it hit me and made me want to be political.

I have a line about Donald Trump in there but my portion is really based on what’s going on around the world.

Before I even started working on the song, I knew Nitty Scott was on it and it made me understand how my flow had to be. It also motivated me about what I was writing about. I thought it was super cool to be featured on a track with another rapper and a singer.

I think my flow with Illiana is great. People wouldn’t typically expect to hear us together on a song. But we just flowed together. I’m very optimistic about this song.

The thing I hope people most take away from this song is trying to change. It’s not the best around the world right now so it would make the world a better place. I know that sounds corny but I hope people can really take that away from my verse.

There are lines on here about gang violence and how it’s super unnecessary. –L’Shai

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