Hustle Gang’s Iggy Azalea has provided some more insight on her upcoming Digital Distortion solo album and what fans may expect from the long-awaited release.

Iggy said fans could look forward to at least one love song and the absence of carrying on her Twitter feuds over to the music on the June 24 release.

“It’s the one song I did that’s lovey because [fiancé] Nick [Young] was like, ‘You don’t have any love songs. I don’t exist,’” she says. “I usually do break-up ‘I hate you songs,’ but I’m getting married so I can’t write those anymore.” After more than a year of making headlines for online tiffs with Talib Kweli and Azealia Banks, Azalea titled her album with specific care: “This album isn’t about Twitter battles. It’s about the way other people can distort your character and having the power through technology to do that.” (Entertainment Weekly)

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Iggy recently celebrated the success of her 2014 debut album The New Classic.

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Earlier this year, Iggy updated fans on her relationship with Hustle Gang boss T.I.

“Me and T.I. are friends. He’s cool. People misconstrued that when he said he was taking a step back…It’s not that. We still do business together. I’m signed to his publishing company and that’s not gonna change. I love Tip. I know I can call Tip and he’ll get whatever it is I’m asking for.” (Real 92.3)

Recently, Iggy talked about needing some time away from her daily grind.

“I just feel I deserve a break. I’ve been going non-stop for the past two years, nearly every single day. I’m not in a bad place. I think sometimes when you say you need a mental break, people are like, “A mental break? Be sure you don’t have a breakdown because you’re sad.” No, not necessarily. It’s very emotionally draining to be on all the time and going all the time, planning all the time. It’s a lot, and it’s tough. I need a break from everything to just enjoy what I worked so hard for, and I don’t really feel like I’ve had a chance to do that. I need a break to figure out what I want my sound to progress to, and I need a break to figure out how I want my visuals to progress.” (Seventeen)

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