Hustle Gang’s Iggy Azalea has sent a friendly reminder to fans about her marital status on social media this week.

Iggy treated Instagram followers to two coupled up shots alongside her NBA fiancé Nick Young.

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Last summer, Iggy talked about Nick preparing to propose to her.

“I had a feeling before he proposed because he kept saying, drunkenly, ‘If I ask you to marry me right now, would you say yes? Would you!? Would you!?’ [laughs] I feel like he was probably going to propose to me and he’s trying to make sure I’m definitely going to say yes.” (Hamish & Andy)

Iggy recently admitted she did not realize until eight months into their initial dating they had met before.

“[We’d met] a few years prior to that, and I didn’t know and I hated him,” she laughs. “I thought he was an arsehole.” Before they went on their first date, and well before it dawned on Azalea that they’d met before, Young tweeted that he had a crush on her. “One of my guy friends actually brought it to my attention,” she explains. (Daily Telegraph)

Recently asked about performing his explicit “Marry The P*ssy” track at Young’s upcoming wedding, R&B star R. Kelly said he would be up for the opportunity.

“I heard about it, and I didn’t think it was real until I met my man today. Now that I know it’s real, we had a sit-down to discuss the logistics of it – Anything I wrote, I’m open to performing. I wrote the song, I’ll put that on myself – I never thought anybody on the planet would ask me to sing it for a wedding, but you know what? It’s gonna be fun.” (TMZ Sports)