Hustle Gang’s Iggy Aazlea is shaking what her mama gave her as a slew of steamy bikini photos alongside NBA boyfriend Nick Young have now surfaced online. #HotInHerrre

According to reports, Iggy is spending the next few days in Mexico in celebration of her upcoming birthday.

Iggy Aazlea has been putting in work, but she took a little time off to celebrate her success with her boyfriend Nick Young. The bikini-clad rapper and her Lakers boo enjoyed some R&R in Mexico, where they also celebrated their birthdays (Iggy turns 24 on Saturday, while Nick just turned 29). The hot couple soaked up the sun aboard their private yacht and chilled poolside in their villa while overlooking the ocean. (Rap-Up)

A couple months ago, Iggy spoke on her sexual lyrics and denied having any intimate feelings toward women.

“I know I talk about women a lot, and I think women are beautiful and I like talking about them, but I didn’t want people to misconstrue that and think that I was being a fake lesbian. It wasn’t a, “Don’t think I’m gay,” but more so me being like, “Hey, I’m not a fake lesbian.” Straight’s cool too, you know! It’s almost like gay nowadays is so trendy that people want to be gay and then they don’t. I’m not gay. I love gay people, but I’m straight. I don’t wanna kiss girls. I’m not into girls. I appreciate women, and I like rapping about them, but in case you thought I was a lame person pretending to be gay, um, I’m not.” (PrideSource)

Iggy’s NBA boyfriend recently gushed over her undeniable assets.

“You see all of this, you see all this,” Nick asked paparazzi while walking alongside Iggy Azalea. “This is what I’m on, man – I’m the star – you see what I’m going into this car with? What I’m gonna do with this shouldn’t be legal. [laughs] All that a**.” (TMZ Sports)

Earlier this year, Iggy spoke on not investing much time into admiring the NBA until becoming romantically involved with the Laker.

“He’s heard parts [of my new album],” Iggy said, referring to Los Angeles Lakers boyfriend Nick Young. “I’m happy. I’m just glad that he is taller than me. I’m a fan of his. He makes me [like the Lakers]. I hate when girls become their boyfriends, it really annoys me, so I can’t sit here and pretend like I like basketball but I didn’t. I really didn’t care about basketball. I think when you have an invested interest in somebody, it makes you interested in that and I love watching my mother play soccer on her women’s team when I’m in Australia and I love watching Nick play and the Lakers. I watch him play at the gym too and still could be just as into it. I think anyone understands when they have a friend or a boyfriend or a kid, they like whatever it is.” (WiLD 94.9)