Hustle Gang’s Iggy Azalea is making weekend headlines after reportedly falling off a stage during an MTV Video Music Awards-related event.

According to reports, the accident happened during a live performance in California.

Azalea fell off the stage Friday night while performing her hit “Fancy” at The Avalon in Los Angeles. Security guards quickly pulled Azalea back onto the stage, and she barely missed a beat as Charli XCX joined her for the chart-topping single. Afterward Azalea told the crowd she felt “very blessed” that she did not break her legs. (Fox News)

Iggy also posted a clip of the fall onto her Instagram page early Saturday (August 23).

“Sorry but it would be a crime not to share this with you all, I know I laughed. #StillFinishedtheSongTho #KeptOnRapping #TheShowMustGoOn,” Iggy captioned to the video. (Iggy Azalea’s Instagram)

Footage of the Australian beauty getting poured on with an ice bucket landed online earlier this week.

J.Lo got an ice bath from her twins and challenged her “Booty” partners Pitbull and Iggy Azalea. Wearing an orange bikini, a screaming Iggy got soaked and called upon T.I., Charli XCX, and her “Black Widow” collaborator Rita Ora. (Rap-Up)

Outside of falls and ice buckets, Iggy is expected to appear in an upcoming Fast & the Furious movie.

“Iggy Azalea — I just worked with her two weeks ago,” Vin Diesel said when asked by SkyrockFM if he’d rather dance to “Dancy,” Jason Derulo‘s “Wiggle,” or Ariana Grande‘s “Problem.” “We casted [sic] her in ‘Fast & Furious 7.’ She has a cameo in ‘Fast & Furious 7.'” Exactly how big is that role, and what kind of acting chops does Iggy have? We’ll have to wait and find when the movie hits theaters April 3, 2015. (MTV)

Check out the footage: