Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is sticking to her modeling goals these days even when she’s not on a runway or surrounded by paparazzi. The hip-hop entertainer went online this week to share some shots of herself flexing pure fashion drip.

Iggy x Fashion Goals

On Thursday, Azalea hit up Instagram with some new shots. The pics feature her draped in a purple outfit showing off her curvy figure.

“For the record, I didn’t actually go anywhere. Just a lil harmless quarantine dress up situation. 😝” -Iggy Azalea’s Instagram

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On Monday, Azalea hit up Instagram with a must-like shot. The pic featured her rocking a pair of shades and showing off some comfy matching fashion drip.

“Hi” -Iggy Azalea’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

Recently, Azalea returned to Instagram to show off her beauty. The curvy rap star lit up her social media feed with a pic of herself rocking spring colors.

“Back like I never left @fashionnova ðŸ˜ðŸ‰” -Iggy Azalea’s Instagram

Iggy Azalea’s WCW vibes show her curves in her Fashionova fit as she makes her long-awaited return to Instagram

Before You Go

A few weeks ago, Iggy Azalea hit up IG with a new pic showing off long blonde hair and major curves. The shot also features her rock-hard abs and the international rap artist wearing a Champion Sports top.

“The sky needs the blue 🌬” -Iggy Azalea’s Instagram

Iggy Azalea in Champion Sports attire