Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is out here giving people a fresh look. The hip-hop entertainer went online this week with a sneak peek at how she’s stepping inside a quarantine world.

Getting Iggy With It

Heading into the weekend, Iggy shared a quick glimpse at her beauty goals. In the video, she’s shown donning a splash of purple.

“She one of the baddest in the game or nah? πŸ€” Iggy Azalea debuts a new look πŸ’œπŸ’‡β€β™€οΈ” -SOHH’s Instagram

Is Iggy Azalea one of the baddest in the game?

Guess Who’s Bizzack

In mid-March 2020, Azalea returned to social media with a new selfie. The pic is a shot of herself looking into the camera and she used a single butterfly emoji as its caption with her first IG post since January.

Wait, There’s More

In early January 2020, Iggy hit up Instagram with an important message. The rap entertainer shared some thoughtful words about taking care of animals.

“Got to visit this cutie yesterday, as well as so many animals injured & rehabilitated at @currumbinwildlifehospitalThankyou guys for letting me hangout!!! did you know over 30% of the Koalas natural habitat in NSW has been destroyed by the bushfires Australia is currently battling? The saddest part is, that’s not even the biggest threat to their survival. Please donate if you can guys, anything helps. Link in their bio”

Before You Go

In December 2019, Iggy apologized for delivering an updated marital status on social media. The rap star went to her social media pages to explain revealing she wasn’t dating hip-hop boyfriend Jordan ‘Playboi Carti’ Carter anymore.

Iggy went online to tell the world she’s single but later regretted the move