[With the NFL season 24 hours away from kick-off, the Miami Dolphins’ Mike Pouncey and Pittsburgh Steelers’ Maurkice Pouncey give SOHH readers an inside to what hip-hop artists get them pumped for game day.]

I would have to say Rick Ross gets me pumped up before the big games. The way he promotes himself, the words he puts into the songs, that kind of just turns me up before that big game. I gotta listen to him.

If I don’t listen to Ross before my games, I just feel like something’s wrong. I listen to Ross on the way to the stadium anyway that I can. I’ll listen to him on the stereo, on the iPods. Even when I’m out there stretching before the games, I’ll listen to Ross.

I just get into that mode. It’s like, “Okay, I’m going to give it all that I got. Let’s go.” Maurkice Pouncey, Pittsburgh Steelers Center

I can’t even lie to you, I listen to everyone out here in Miami. I think one of my favorites of all-time would have to be Lil Wayne.

When you look at the strides he’s come from, we just love him. I know we love his music. Rick Ross, Young Jeezy never put out a bad project. I would say someone else that’s really been coming hard is Game.

We’ve been playing Game’s music all the time. I listen to him almost every day and all day. One thing I can tell you about athletes, we all wish we could be rappers and rappers all wish they could be athletes. -Mike Pouncey, Miami Dolphins Center

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