West Coast rapper Mack 10 is looking a lot slimmer these days as reports claim he has lost over 60 pounds thanks to readjusting his diet.

According to Mack, he has terminated red meat from his life and enjoyed the benefit of a skinnier look.

The “Westside Connection” rapper’s been HUGE since the mid ’90s … so after our photog spotted him out in L.A. last week (above) looking svelte, we contacted him to find out what’s up. Mack tells us … he’s majorly slimmed down by cutting all red meat from his life — “I used to love to be able to order a burger or get a fat ass steak, but now I am up on eating fish, chicken and s**t.” FYI — At his heaviest Mack was 267 and now he’s South of 200. Mack says it’s all thanks to his kids — “I want to make sure I can keep up with them. It’s hard to eat healthy but that’s something I got to do to make my life right.” (TMZ)

A few months ago, EPMD’s Erick Sermon spoke to SOHH about suffering a near-fatal seizure and gave his reaction to hip-hop artists like Fat Joe shedding pounds to lessen health concerns.

“Heart disease comes from having high blood pressure and diabetes. If I didn’t have that incident happen to me, I don’t think nobody in the hip-hop community would know what Fat Joe was trying to explain because Fat Joe didn’t explain it this way. He explained it that his boys were dropping off like flies but didn’t know why and so he started losing weight. He said he had diabetes for so many years and he lost weight. But he didn’t get the statistics the way I’m giving them, the way they will scare a person that’s walking on the street that doesn’t know he or she might have high blood pressure.” (SOHH Guest Star)

A couple years ago, Terror Squad leader Fat Joe talked about his past food addiction.

“I don’t find it hard [to diet]. I’m addicted to food and I love to eat but I don’t find it hard at all,” Joey Crack said in an interview. “It’s like a crackhead; a crackhead just hits rock bottom and they realize they don’t wanna smoke crack no more — you know what I’m saying? So I just said to myself, ‘I don’t wanna be overweight no more, I don’t wanna be outta shape, I don’t wanna be at risk of passing away and stuff like that so I gotta do the right thing.” (WENN)

Joe’s “Paradise” remix collaborator Mickey Factz previously hit up SOHH and shared his reaction to the rapper’s new look.

“I’m happy that he’s lost the weight,” Factz told SOHH referring to Fat Joe. “Being somebody from the Bronx and being able to see the loss and impact of Big Pun before he got a chance to lose weight, it was devastating to the borough, it was devastating to the BX rappers. So to see Joe lose this weight is a good thing for him. And I’m proud. I think he’s gonna catch a wave. It’s gonnaclean up his image a little bit and I don’t know if he wants to continue to be called Fat Joe but at the end of the day, I’m glad.” (SOHH)

Check out Mack 10’s new look: