Hollywood actor Ice Cube has something to brag about as his new 22 Jump Street flick made history over this past weekend by banking $60 million at the box office. #22JumpStreet

The sequel to 2012’s hit flick turned into an instant blockbuster in just 72 hours.

Two major sequels opened this weekend, and both of them posted objectively large weekend figures. Sony’s 22 Jump Street earned a whopping $60 million yesterday, as the Jonah Hill/Channing Tatum buddy comedy earned the fifth-biggest weekend for a comedy on record, behind the $67m weekends of Rush Hour 2 and Bruce Almighty, the $73m weekend of Austin Powers 3, and the $85m Fri-Sun frame of The Hangover part II. (Forbes)

It also became the second-best opening in R-rated movie history.

Toothless with one of the best openings ever for an R-rated comedy. Only 2011’s “The Hangover Part 11,” with $85.9 million, grossed more in its first weekend. The debut for “22 Jump Street” outstripped those of “Sex and the City” ($57 million) and “Ted” ($54.4 million), and blew past the $36.7 million opening that the original “21 Jump Street” opened with in March of 2012. (Philly)

Recently, Cube joked about taking on the role of an on-screen cop despite his past “F*ck the Police” days in N.W.A.

“They get mad because we get paid a whole lot– way more than they get paid. That’s cool. It’s Hollywood, it’s fine. When we was young, we played cops and robbers, you know what I mean? It’s no big deal. And to be honest, if you really listen to those records, those records are about bad cops. Those records are about cops that abuse their authority. Those records are not about the cops that come and help your mama out when she gets hurt or come to the accident and help out– those cops are the cops that we need, but those other cops give good cops a bad name, and we wanted to expose that in our music.” (Den of Geek)

Cube recently talked about wanting Dr. Dre to score an upcoming N.W.A. biopic.

“I’m trying to convince [Dr.] Dre that we should do some new tracks for the movie,” Ice Cube told MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz last week in Los Angeles when he sat to talk about the upcoming “22 Jump Street.” “It’s in very good shape. ‘Straight Outta Compton’ will be shot in August. So we have a director Gary Gray, he’s our director. We have a cast that’s going to be announced in the next week or two, so [it’s] full-steam ahead,” he said. (MTV)